About Kumon

What is Kumon?

The Kumon story began when a loving father wanted his son to achieve amazing things.  In 1954, Mr. Toru Kumon, a college graduate and a high school mathematics instructor, noticed that his eldest son had the potential to achieve better results at mathematics.  Mr. Kumon then began to prepare exercises by hand, and train his son in a way that would later become the Kumon Method.

The Kumon Method emphasizes mastery of each foundational skill so that subsequent skills can be learned and performed will full confidence.  Mastery of any individual skill is demonstrated through accuracy and completing the exercise in a timely manner.


Through Mr. Kumon’s training, his son began to see better results at school and eventually became well known as someone who achieved great success and fostered a lifelong love of learning.  Other parents noticed the success of Mr. Kumon’s ideas so eventually, the first Kumon centre was opened in 1956 in Osaka, Japan.  Today, Kumon of Vancouver – First Avenue shares the same desire to see your child succeed and reach their full potential.

How can I get started?

Getting started at Kumon is easy! Here’s how:

1. Call (604) 828-3283 or book online for your child’s free placement test in Math and Reading.

2. We will contact you back via phone to confirm the time and date of your child’s free placement test.

3.  We will provide you with a thorough overview of the program in the parent orientation, determine the goals, and register your child into the program.

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