You’re Invited!

It’s time for our annual Student Awards Event! We’d like to invite all of our students and their families to celebrate their achievements over this last year.

Date: Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

Time: 3:30-7:00pm — Tuesday students, come at your regular class time. All other students, please come between 5:00-7:00pm. *Note that this is a drop-in event.

G by 4 and G by 5 Stars

Location: 204-2800 East 1st Avenue

        Hope to see you there!



-The First Avenue Kumon Team

J by 6 Awards

Summer Vacation

It’s the last month of school and it’s almost time for summer vacation! Kumon is open during the summer months but many families choose to go on vacation. If you are planning on going on vacation this summer for any length of time and require homework, please let Louisa and our staff know at least one week in advance of your last class day (eg. if your last class day is on a Tuesday, let us know at least by the previous Tuesday) so that we have enough time to prepare.

Thank you and have a great June!


Give New Life to Your Writing Instruments

Pens and pencils are an important part of being able to do and study Kumon. However, what happens when that favourite pencil or ball pen breaks or runs out ink? Throw it in the trash? Now, instead of throwing out your unusable stationary you can recycle it!

Writing Instrument Recycling Box

Project S.A.V.E. (Sustaining And Valuing the Environment), an environmental group of environmentally passionate S.F.U students, has set up a box for collecting your unusable writing instruments at First Avenue Kumon. At the end of each month, the items are then collected and delivered to their sponsor, Staples, where it is then shipped to a recycling company called Terracycle. Terracycle then recycles the writing instruments into new products, such as garbage bins or playgrounds, keeping your unusable writing instruments out of the landfills.

Writing instruments accepted include: mechanical pencils, pens, pen caps, highlighters, markers, and marker caps. Permanent markers and permanent marker caps are also accepted for recycling.

Please let our friendly front desk staff know if you need to recycle your writing instruments so they can assist you.

For more information about Project S.A.V.E., please visit their Facebook page. To connect with us and let us know what you think visit our Facebook page and connect with us on Twitter!



Kumon Success Stories: Chris L.

Christopher L. completed both the Kumon Reading and Math programs at our centre and now helps out around the centre as a staff member. Chris has graduated high school and is currently studying engineering at Simon Fraser University. Here’s his story:

Starting Out

  • When did you first get started at Kumon?

I first started at Kumon around November 2012, when I was in grade nine.

  • What level did you start at?

When I started, it was only Reading at EI (paragraph development, clauses), then I later started Math at B (vertical addition and subtraction).

  • What was your/your family’s motivation for enrolling? What did they hope to achieve through the Kumon program?

My initial motivation for enrolling was to strengthen my reading capabilities. My parents hoped that a stronger reading level would translate into a stronger writing level.

  • What was it like when you first started the Kumon program? Was it difficult/easy?

When I first started, it was relatively easy, but soon, it became a moderate challenge.


  • What were some of the challenges you faced going through the program?

The main challenge I faced going through the program was balancing school, Kumon, and life.

  • As a Kumon Reading and Math program completer, how did you get through the challenges you faced? What did you do? How did Louisa/First Avenue Kumon staff help you get through them?

I got through the challenges I faced by asking for help from the staff. The staff were very helpful, checking my work, giving me little hints along the way, and changing my plan when things outside of Kumon got busy.


  • How has First Avenue Kumon helped you achieve your goals? What are your goals now that you’ve completed the program and secondary school?

First Avenue Kumon has helped me through support and guidance, allowing me to reach my goals. My goals now are to find the job that I am happy doing, while continuing to grow in knowledge and faith.

Study Environment

  • Why should families choose First Avenue Kumon?

Families should choose First Avenue Kumon because the staff are very open to what is going on in a student’s life, and working out a plan that allows for these situations. 


  • Is there any advice you’d like to give to current and future Kumon students about getting through the program?

My advice to current and future Kumon students about the program is that if you have a challenge, do not give up, just tell a staff member and they will be able to work your study plan around it.

Do you have questions or comments about this? Questions about the Kumon program? Let us know through our Facebook (@kumonvanfirstave) page and Twitter (@kumonfirstave) feed. Even better, follow us for more stories like this, updates, and important announcements regarding our centre!

Kumon Success Stories: Adelyn P

Adelyn P., in grade seven, is one of our oldest students and has been studying Kumon Math for 3 1/2 years at our centre. She is currently on level H (approximately grade 9 material at an international standard), studying material 2-3 years above her current grade level and we’ve asked her to share some of her insight on how Kumon has helped her.

  • How has Kumon helped you?

“Kumon has helped me because it stretches my mind for other subjects in school (meaning that I don’t have to worry about Math)”

  • What activities do you do outside of Kumon?

“I’m only doing school this year as compared to last year when I did student council, volleyball, and library monitor. This year I’m keeping it easy.”

  • How do you stay motivated when Kumon gets hard (or not so fun)?

 “Whenever I do Kumon, I stay motivated by remembering that it will give me one less thing to worry about in the future.”

  • What do you want to do when you grow up?

“I haven’t decided yet”

  • Any advice for new Kumon students?

“Don’t quit while you are ahead because you will regret it.”

We also asked Adelyn’s parents about what has been the most meaningful change they’ve seen in her since enrolling in Kumon and they said that Kumon has helped her focus more on her studies and the ability to comprehend Math at school with ease.

Thanks for telling us your story, Adelyn! Best of luck in your studies!



Setting Goals for Success!

A very Happy New Year to all of our students and their families!

A new year means a new goal and this coming week at First Avenue Kumon we will we holding our annual Goal Setting on January 17, 19, and 21, 2017 for Math students level D and higher.

Goal Setting week is when we ask our students to set goals for their Kumon progress for the rest of the year. We have our students set goals at Kumon to motivate, encourage, as well as prepare them for goals they want to set throughout the rest of their lives.

students will receive this goal setting sheet in their folders on their scheduled goal setting day

We want to encourage our students to make good goals for Goal Setting week so here are a few tips:

  • Dream big
  • figure out what things you want to do
  • your parents are on your side – talk to them about goals you want to achieve this year
  • make them specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-based  (SMART)
    • Specific: A clear and well defined goal (eg. trying to get to the next level)
    • Measurable: A precise amount, date, etc. used to measure the degree of success (eg trying to do 10 pages every day)
    • Achievable: Making sure that it’s possible to reach the goal set (eg. setting a goal of completing the program at level O when the current level is D)
    • Realistic: a goal that you are willing and able to work towards (eg. getting to the next level is not possible without doing all of the assignments you are given)
    • Time-Based: making sure you have enough time to reach the goal set (eg. trying your best to complete assignments within the Standard Completion Time)

We’re looking forward to helping our students reach their goals in this new year!



Congratulations to Our Student Award Recipients!

Many of our students study above their grade level at school and Kumon recognizes their achievements with awards.

This summer, we decided to hold a mini awards ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate some of our students who have reached major milestones in the Kumon program.


Vanessa K., one of our G by 5 award recipients!

The following students achieved G by 5 status in Math:

  • Quintin L.
  • Henry N.
  • Kevin S.
  • Camilla H.
  • Matthew Y.
  • Vanessa K.
  • Jason H.
  • Cathy H.
Justin L., J by 6 Award Recipient

Justin L., J by 6 Award Recipient



The following students achieved J by 6 status:

  • Justin L. (Math)
  • Queenie C. (Math)
  • Jessie L. (Reading)

The following students achieved J 200 (completion of level J):

  • Razelle R. (Math)
  • Victor L. (Reading)


    Our J200 award recipients this summer!

The following students completed the Kumon Program:


Kumon Reading Program Completer Bryan C.

  • Bryan C. (Reading)
  • Christopher L. (Math)
  • Eric H. (Reading)








A big congratulations to all of our award recipients and we’re hoping to see even more of our students receive awards at our larger Student Awards Event in the winter!


Kumon Success Stories: Joel L.

Welcome to the first post of a series of stories of student success at First Avenue Kumon! It is our hope that this series of stories will encourage and inspire our current and future students as well highlight some of our students’ accomplishments.

We’ve asked one of our own Math completers, Joel L. to share his own experiences of going through the program and finishing:

Joel with his Kumon Clock which is awarded to each Kumon program completer

Joel with his Kumon Clock which is awarded to each Kumon program completer

Starting Out

  • When did you first get started at Kumon?

I got started in 2010, when I was in grade 7.

  • What level did you start at?

I started at Level C (Multiplication and Division)

  • What was your/your family’s motivation for enrolling? What did they hope to achieve through the Kumon program?

Originally, they were planning on enrolling my younger brother, but then they saw that the program was helpful and felt it would be a good idea if I joined as well. My family wanted me to strengthen my mathematics foundation.

  • What was it like when you first started the Kumon program? Was it difficult/easy?

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