Kumon Success Stories: Chris L.

Christopher L. completed both the Kumon Reading and Math programs at our centre and now helps out around the centre as a staff member. Chris has graduated high school and is currently studying engineering at Simon Fraser University. Here’s his story:

Starting Out

  • When did you first get started at Kumon?

I first started at Kumon around November 2012, when I was in grade nine.

  • What level did you start at?

When I started, it was only Reading at EI (paragraph development, clauses), then I later started Math at B (vertical addition and subtraction).

  • What was your/your family’s motivation for enrolling? What did they hope to achieve through the Kumon program?

My initial motivation for enrolling was to strengthen my reading capabilities. My parents hoped that a stronger reading level would translate into a stronger writing level.

  • What was it like when you first started the Kumon program? Was it difficult/easy?

When I first started, it was relatively easy, but soon, it became a moderate challenge.


  • What were some of the challenges you faced going through the program?

The main challenge I faced going through the program was balancing school, Kumon, and life.

  • As a Kumon Reading and Math program completer, how did you get through the challenges you faced? What did you do? How did Louisa/First Avenue Kumon staff help you get through them?

I got through the challenges I faced by asking for help from the staff. The staff were very helpful, checking my work, giving me little hints along the way, and changing my plan when things outside of Kumon got busy.


  • How has First Avenue Kumon helped you achieve your goals? What are your goals now that you’ve completed the program and secondary school?

First Avenue Kumon has helped me through support and guidance, allowing me to reach my goals. My goals now are to find the job that I am happy doing, while continuing to grow in knowledge and faith.

Study Environment

  • Why should families choose First Avenue Kumon?

Families should choose First Avenue Kumon because the staff are very open to what is going on in a student’s life, and working out a plan that allows for these situations. 


  • Is there any advice you’d like to give to current and future Kumon students about getting through the program?

My advice to current and future Kumon students about the program is that if you have a challenge, do not give up, just tell a staff member and they will be able to work your study plan around it.

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