Congratulations to Our Student Award Recipients!

Many of our students study above their grade level at school and Kumon recognizes their achievements with awards.

This summer, we decided to hold a mini awards ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate some of our students who have reached major milestones in the Kumon program.


Vanessa K., one of our G by 5 award recipients!

The following students achieved G by 5 status in Math:

  • Quintin L.
  • Henry N.
  • Kevin S.
  • Camilla H.
  • Matthew Y.
  • Vanessa K.
  • Jason H.
  • Cathy H.
Justin L., J by 6 Award Recipient

Justin L., J by 6 Award Recipient



The following students achieved J by 6 status:

  • Justin L. (Math)
  • Queenie C. (Math)
  • Jessie L. (Reading)

The following students achieved J 200 (completion of level J):

  • Razelle R. (Math)
  • Victor L. (Reading)


    Our J200 award recipients this summer!

The following students completed the Kumon Program:


Kumon Reading Program Completer Bryan C.

  • Bryan C. (Reading)
  • Christopher L. (Math)
  • Eric H. (Reading)








A big congratulations to all of our award recipients and we’re hoping to see even more of our students receive awards at our larger Student Awards Event in the winter!


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