Setting Goals for Success!

A very Happy New Year to all of our students and their families!

A new year means a new goal and this coming week at First Avenue Kumon we will we holding our annual Goal Setting on January 17, 19, and 21, 2017 for Math students level D and higher.

Goal Setting week is when we ask our students to set goals for their Kumon progress for the rest of the year. We have our students set goals at Kumon to motivate, encourage, as well as prepare them for goals they want to set throughout the rest of their lives.

students will receive this goal setting sheet in their folders on their scheduled goal setting day

We want to encourage our students to make good goals for Goal Setting week so here are a few tips:

  • Dream big
  • figure out what things you want to do
  • your parents are on your side – talk to them about goals you want to achieve this year
  • make them specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-based  (SMART)
    • Specific: A clear and well defined goal (eg. trying to get to the next level)
    • Measurable: A precise amount, date, etc. used to measure the degree of success (eg trying to do 10 pages every day)
    • Achievable: Making sure that it’s possible to reach the goal set (eg. setting a goal of completing the program at level O when the current level is D)
    • Realistic: a goal that you are willing and able to work towards (eg. getting to the next level is not possible without doing all of the assignments you are given)
    • Time-Based: making sure you have enough time to reach the goal set (eg. trying your best to complete assignments within the Standard Completion Time)

We’re looking forward to helping our students reach their goals in this new year!



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